I know it seems like I dropped off the earth, I did in a genuine way. I moved across the USA from the East Coast (Virginia) to the West Coast (Oregon) in October. That is why I got a blogging break. But there was more to it than that, and there is still. I was grieving and broken also. I lost one of my absolute best friends to cancer. Another good friend and co-worker to cancers Then.

I also lost my grandmother and watched two more of my close friends get identified as having cancer, one of these was last week, one of them was two weeks before I transferred. It’s been a whole great deal to the process. Relocating and moving are easy never. Moving across the country to circumstances you’ve never been too is also too much to process.

Burying relatives and buddies is hard. Cancer is awful and it’s really WAY too close to home for me personally, if you’ve read this post about my husband, you understand why. I am packing and unpacking — kids, stuff, friendships, and emotional baggage. I’ve been organizing. Setting up house. Engaging in a new school program. Finding doctors, a veterinarian, a hairdresser, grocery stores, going to the DMV, all the fun stuff you have to do when you start your life once more.

Plus, with the growing recognition of the WordPress system, the CMS is becoming a popular target for hackers significantly. That’s just how it is just. However, fortunately that the makers of WordPress are astutely aware of this and do everything humanly possible to make the platform as safe as you can. In fact, a WordPress security team consisting of more than 25 experts is tasked with the only real job to keep carefully the system safe and it can so in assistance with leading security researches and hosting companies.

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The team screens any incoming issues and are able to quickly press out security updates if necessary. Combined, these measures will certainly reduce the risk of being hacked to a minimum and make WordPress as safe as anything operating online can be. Do WordPress Websites Rank Well? Another important concern is whether WordPress can take their site to the first place in Google.

Rest guaranteed… Google adores WordPress. That’s not conjecture, it actually comes straight from the equine’s mouth area, is Matt Cutts, former head of the Google’s web-spam team. WordPress is search-engine friendly from the container extremely, providing your site a head begin in their quest for search rank domination. However, that’s not all.

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