Investors should also consider the total amount invested in any one trade. Consider setting a guide to allocate no more than 10% of your portfolio to one investment. You may want to scale down if you’re more traditional or new to trading. To figure this all out you need to look for the Trade Risk of the stock you are ready to purchase.

Trade risk is the shares purchase price without the stop price. Stop Price does not have any right or wrong answer when determining. It really is your decision to make during the purchase when you escape a stock that is turning against you. One good method is to check out current support levels on the graph and set an end price. Low risk urge for food established just below support, average risk about 3% below that and more aggressive set about 5% below support. Some might see support at 53, while others might call support at 50.50. Neither is wrong and will end up holding the same risk in dollars.

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What is Ajay’s income? Q.38. Rajeev purchased six calculators at the price of Rs.690. How many calculators can he purchase for Rs.920? Q.39. The cost of 5kg of rice is equal to 17 kg of potatoes. Cost of 7 kg of rice is Rs.476. Exactly what will be the cost of 3 kg of rice and 5 kg of potatoes together?

Q.40. An investor offers 40 meters of cloth for Rs.8200 at a profit of Rs.25 per meter of cloth. Just how much income will the order earn on 40 meters of cloth? Q.41. Within a sale, a discount of 15% was available on all the articles. If Vinit purchased an article for Rs.4284 in the sale.

What was the real value of the article? Q.42. The cost of 4 luggage and 12 purses and handbags is Rs.1520, what’s the cost of 10 hand bags and 30 totes? Q.43. If some Rs.142136 is distributed among 163 people equally, how much amount would each individual get? Q.44. The owner of a reserve shop charges his customer 28% more than the cost price.

If a customer paid Rs.1408 for a few written books, what was the price of the books then? Q.45. Rehaan purchasing a bicycle for Rs.54000/-. He sold it at a loss of 8 percent. With that money he again purchased another bike and sold it at a profit of ten percent.

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