Hi, individuals were looking for some advise on profession aspect. I graduated high school about seven years back, in between that time I did two years at a very good engineering college and I recognized that engineering had not been for me. I needed enough experience to land a good-paying job as a technician.

A year after my sweetheart at the time got pregnant, credited to some complications, my girlfriend transferred. Year-old lady Now I am a single dad of a beautiful 4. Wanting better for her I wanted to go back to school. While in the community college I realized I had a passion for finance. I’m not expecting investment banking or consulting, more like underwriting or various other mid-level roles.

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  • Investing in a money market mutual fund

I finished my associates in accounting and finished my first semester at condition school. I wanted to put my associate’s degree to use but was struggling to find anything. According to some hiring managers, insufficient experience is eliminating me. I spoke to the profession councilor and he recommended internships, while I used to be a fan, I’ve applied to over 300 internships for a summer internship but no response probably.

I talked to another students who have gotten reactions and compared with the career counselor, according to him I should take an unpaid internship. I would love to but I don’t not have the current means to take an unpaid. I don’t know how else I can go about. I can’t really sign up for network or night clubs just as much as I’d like credited to work and my little girl. I’m not looking for a few high-end career, just looking for a nice mid-level career.

Something where I could afford to give my daughter a better life. My current expertise is very industrial, I’m the supervisor of the Computer Aided Design Department at a medium-sized engineering company. I don’t learn how to twist this into a minor entry level accounting or fund role even.

What are the main features and functions of commercial banks? The primary features and functions of commercial banks is that they acknowledge deposits and provide loans to businesses and people. What is the difference between Merchant bank or investment company and commercial bank or investment company? The global world of bank and financing is among the many intricacies. Many types of finance institutions exist, including commercial banking and merchant banking.

STRUGGLING TO Get Job Without Internship, Can’t Afford TO CONSIDER Unpaid Internship
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