If you will an engineering school or college, you might be wanting to know whether a Macbook is a good enough laptop for an executive major or not. As a learning pupil of executive myself, I don’t find any trouble with utilizing a Macbook for my studies. In fact, I’ve several friends (and also a lecturer) who are serious Apple enthusiasts and use a smooth, white MACBOOK-PRO.

However, with different versions of Macbook in the market, it could be hard to make an informed purchase. First things first – a Macbook Air won’t cut. Macbook Air is for light-duty users who do not need serious processing speed primarily, graphics making, and designing. All variations of Macbook Air also don’t have a dedicated graphics adapter – which is a must for laptop computers for executive students. It’s an Apple product. Period. This consists of design, light-weight, portability, and an advantage if you are an iPhone user accustomed to Apple apps. No universality. While Macbooks are popular, most of your friends will be utilizing a Windows PC.

It’s not a big concern if you are alright with the OS and use iPhone and its apps to sync everything. Some scheduled programs might not run. However, to perform programs like these, it is easy to make another Windows OS in your Mac using parallels. All my friends do that and whatsoever experienced no problems. This way, you get the performance of the Mac and the compatibility of Windows also. What’s your opinion about using Macbook for engineering? Is Macbook good for engineering?

Macbook is actually versatile and it’s enough for me. Probably not. The software I will be using is not appropriate for Macbook Pro. I honestly don’t know- that’s why I’m here! One aspect we can’t overlook is gaming. Whether you are an informal or a hardcore gamer, we all want to know how versatile is Macbook for video gaming. After all, gaming requires similar performance as visual designing and simulation in engineering. Better spec graphics like NVIDIA should yield better frame rates with HD playback.

So if you are a gamer and want Macbook as part of your engineering course, go for the model with AMD or NVIDIA Radeon dedicated graphics. What Macbook Pro is most beneficial for engineering? Universities like Virginia Tech recommend the highest graphics possible with a good screen resolution. The 15.4-inches MACBOOK-PRO with retina display is the only contender for a Macbook for engineering majors. It offers a dedicated graphics cards Nvidia GeForce 750M on top of the regular Intel HD Iris graphics.

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With 16GB of RAM and 512 GB of SSD drive, it is a good investment for your engineering career. The image quality is an enormous improvement when compared to a Macbook Air. It will be useful when using AutoCAD. The speakers are also improved and sound clear – however the bass seems lower. Battery life has been clocked at 10 hours. Doesn’t have a CD/DVD drive. Making a laptop lighter and more portable does have its drawbacks. And truthfully, we avoid the optical drives much nowadays as everything is downloadable online.

The improvement is most noticeable for a PC with a simply average sound card, and a tablet or smartphone. Even so, you shall never get as much from an MP3 as a lossless extendable like WAV, FLAC, ALAC (from Apple) or WMA (Windows). Most DAC headphone amps offer outputs other than a simple headphone jack port.

NuForce and Audioengine products usually have the headphone jack at the front end and RCA and Coaxial outlets behind (pictured above). This implies it can feed into almost any audio setup. A couple of variations, though, so it is best to be sure you are getting a device with outputs that match your needs.

Macbook For Engineering Students And Majors
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