As the Atlanta Braves prepares to move up the street, Cobb County businesses, residents, and visitors shall face a handful of new or increased fees. · A 3-mill property tax increase for 175 businesses in the Cumberland Community Improvement District, stretching from elements of Paces Ferry to Powers Ferry. · A new 3-percent car-local rental tax countywide.

3 per room per night hotel tax at hotels in the Cumberland area. 368 million in Cobb County Exhibit Hall Authority bonds over 30 years. 8.7 million in property fees collected countywide-money that would have usually been allocated to by Cobb County other recreation and green space initiatives. · 45 acres of the new site will be taxable, but 15 acres will be tax-exempt. · Future highway gain access to improvements to the stadium and who’ll purchase them. · Will suppliers in the Cumberland CID complete their higher property taxes costs onto their customers in the form of higher prices? Forbes’s “Tax Girl” Kelly Erb says, “Of course, savvy consumers realize that corporations don’t simply eat tax and other boosts: they pass those boosts along to consumers. · Will Atlanta itself obtain any taxes decrease given that the Braves are departing?

Sticking to 1 make and model car helps a lot, as it significantly reduces the amount of research you must do, and also makes it easier to compare cars. 7. FINANCING – PAY CASH Probably the most liberating thing in the world is to own an automobile with a name that says “no liens”. It can save you a lot of money this way. And it’s likely that – you CAN afford to pay cash for a motor car.

1. You can boost the deductible on your insurance and cut your monthly premiums dramatically. You can even drop some coverage entirely, if the car is old enough. 2. You pay no interest on auto loans – interest that may cost thousands. Now the economists out there will explain that tying up money in a depreciating asset just like a car has an “opportunity cost”.

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You could be making money in the Stock Market on that money! That is true. However, generally, what you make in the currency markets or in a bank account rarely exceeds the rates of interest on car loans. And moreover, if you are borrowing money to pay for a motor car, it’s likely that, you don’t have everything that “extra” cash resting about to invest in stocks.

Paying cash for an automobile means not paying 8% monthly on loan obligations, and this is the same as generating 8% interest – which is not just a bad return these days. If you have to borrow money, be smart about any of it. Dealers like to use come-ons like 0% funding or low finance rates to get you to buy a new car.

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