Why would you like to start a business? There is certainly right response to this no, but there is certainly one motivation you might express that might be placing yourelf up for a fall if your business doesn’t go as planned. Business teacher Aric Rindfleisch says not only is materialism or defining who you are with what you possess a risk your welfare, it also has the impact of making distressing events worse. Being materialistic can make events from terrorism to automobile accidents to a life-threatening illness to the failure of a business venture seem very much worse.

Employees can then feel safe to speak up without the fear of retaliation from co-workers or superiors. In addition, many companies have found it beneficial to hire an ethics officer as well. This person works with the hotline to provide good advice on situations and help prevent them from escalating.

This position is increasingly being introduced to companies across the world for its obvious benefits. With an ethics officer up to speed it is much easier for dilemmas to be taken care of before legal action is taken. This position is not a simple one and it takes a loyal and strong person to hold it. They must be able to clear the line between right and wrong or even operate against executives (Kelley, 1998). Still Even, this person is essential to many organizations and can even save a company sometimes. Even with all this put into stick it is impossible to avoid unethical situations.

However, if an organization trains and prepares its employees to handle these dilemmas it has a better potential for extinguishing them before they escape hand. This isn’t a cookie cutter practice either, each industry and business within said industry must create its policy that best suits its needs.

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With these safeguards companies have a good chance at steering free from serious issues and remaining out of the unwanted limelight. Driscoll, D., Hoffman, W. M., (1999). Gaining the ethical edge: procedures for providing values-driven management. Giancola, F., (2008). An instrument for developing honest guidelines and methods. Kelley, T., (1998). Earning it; charting a course to honest profits.

The FA offered me another round and I must say i enjoyed. After the starter you had the choice between soup and salad. Most other airlines serve both, salad and soup, automatically. However when flying Lufthansa, you have to ask for both options if you want them both (which feels a bit unusual).

Anyway, as main course I selected aspargus with potatoes and ham. This was one of the best I’ve ever had. The part didn’t look that big, but I used to be full when i completed it. So I made a decision to take only an extremely light coffee cream with fruit as dessert. Time for you to capture some rest to ease enough time difference between Germany and the united states.

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