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He started to blog because he found himself heading to blogs to get the majority of his news from them. He is convinced that looking comprehensive at issues has relocated from the world of big media, to amateurs on the Internet. Red Wheelbarrow covers a multitude of subjects, including politics, artwork, and, oh yes, business. On business topics in particular Jerry brings a common-sense approach that I find especially refreshing and insightful. For instance, I understand he thinks overly-broad U.S. And I know that as a customer he seems frustrated with outsourcing (“may I get someone to live my entire life via an outsourcing agreement?” he amazing things). He avoids sounding politically polarized on any issue Yet. Among the things I love best about Red Wheelbarrow is that while it will not shy from covering politics, it manages to take action without reverting to being 100% left or right. There’s a balance that’s refreshing in today of polarized mass media.

Bean was dealing with a “tamper,” a remote-controlled machine that flattens dirt, Carpentieri said. Noise from the tamper and other equipment at the task site likely drowned out the sound of the reverse beep on the dump truck, Carpentieri said. TORRANCE, CA — Authorities today discovered a 61-year-old contract maintenance worker who dropped to his death at the MobilExxon refinery in Torrance. Killed in the fall was David Yanez-Plasencia of Long Beach, said Los Angeles County coroner’s Lt. Richard Hanna. Yanez-Plasencia dropped 15 feet into the empty drinking water treatment tank in the “tank farm” area of the refinery, relating to Torrance Fire Capt.

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Steve Deuel. Firefighters assigned to an Urban Search and Rescue Team retrieved the physical body from the container, Deuel said. The incident at the refinery at 3700 W. 190th St. was reported at 8:47 p.m. Deuel said. Torrance law enforcement looked into the fall, but an initial analysis indicated the person slipped and dropped, according to specialists.

Charleston, SC — A worker who died after dropping from the roof of a house under construction on Daniel Island has been recognized as Taurino Bueso Romero. Romero’s home address was Charlotte, but his body has been came back to his family in Honduras, Berkeley County Chief Deputy Coroner Bill Salisbury said. Romero, 38, was only on the roof of the home on Delahow Street when he slipped and fell 21 feet Tuesday morning.

Romero was pronounced useless at Medical University Hospital. He was employed by Mejia Brother Construction in Goose Creek, Salisbury said. St. Paul, August accidentally wiped out himself MN — The Apple Valley gas place clerk found shot in the top in early, authorities said Wednesday. Nail Mahmoud, 23, was the victim not of a homicide, as police had suspected, but of the tragic mishap. Rumors swirled in the grouped community about the cause of his death, but the investigation’s bottom line has still left Mahmoud’s family and friends are reeling.

Mahmoud, a Palestinian immigrant residing in Savage, had worked well as a cashier for two years at the Quick Stop 66 convenience store at the active corner of County Road 42 and Garden View Drive. He emerged to Minnesota four years back, after his mother was gunned down in the West Bank city of Ramallah. AUSTELL, Ga. — A study has been ordered into the death of a Georgia law enforcement recruit who was simply accidentally shot by her trainer on the first day of weaponry training. Tara Drummond, 23, was shot at a law enforcement academy in Austell, Ga., Tuesday afternoon, Thursday the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

She was a recruit for the Kennesaw law enforcement department, the week of the 10-week course one around 30 trainees in their seventh. The trainees were in a classroom in the basement of the academy when the unidentified instructor’s gun discharged, said Carol Morgan, the academy director. Drummond was rushed to a hospital, where she died, the record said.

An AT Systems armored car security safeguards (Fritz Alphonse) was gunned down Saturday afternoon in the center of West Lake Mall in an obvious robbery as stunned consumers watched in horror, relating to Atlanta law enforcement. The security guard passed away from a gunshot wound to the head instantly, said law enforcement spokeswoman Sylvia Abernathy. Witnesses at the crowded mall told officers that the security safeguards had just remained a store about 4 p.m.

Witnesses told police that three equipped men were seen following guard, Abernathy said. The men left with the money evidently, she said. This was the second amount of time in 2 yrs in Atlanta that an armored truck guard has been wiped out in a robbery. Bantek West guard Moustafa Koura was wiped out in October 2003 after he and another safeguard were shot in a well-lit car parking great deal. The 31-year-old fallen whenever a ledge where his foot was resting offered way while he was attempting to improve the position.

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