Why should I need a Beauty Fridge? Why is everyone suddenly obsessed with storing their skin care in a fridge? This skin care secret presents a plethora of benefits. A colder setting can not only prolong the shelf life of your precious products, it could also help assist in better absorption into the skin area, all whilst calming and calming skin area.

The Beauty Fridge is the first mini fridge to start in Australia that is dedicated to storing all your beauty and skin care. To 2019 Here’s, where a fridge for your beauty regime is a definite necessity! What should I retain in my Beauty Fridge? DIY Skin Care: Fear forget about, the effort you put into your at home DIY concoctions can now last you much longer! Being that they are not likely to include preservatives in them, keeping them in the fridge can help regulate the temperatures and keep bacterial development at bay for longer shelf life.

Products with Active Ingredients: Skin care which has a high focus of substances such as Vitamin C, Retinol, or Benzoyl Peroxide formulas tend to break down when exposed to one on one warmth and sunlight. We recommend keeping these valuable ingredients in a cool and dark place like inside The Beauty Fridge!

TBF’s Current Favorite: Drunk Elephant’s C Firma Vitamin C Serum. Sheet Masks/Eye Masks: The chilling effects will definitely improve de-puffing and minimizing discomfort on your skin, reducing excess cosmetic fluid. No real matter what the purposes are for either refreshing, tensing, brightening or hydrating, keeping these masks in the refrigerator shall enhance their benefits. TBF’s Current Favorite: Go-To Skincare’s Transformazing Sheet Mask.

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Face Mists: Though it is not essential these are stored in the fridge, the cooling effect of each spritz will refresh you specially when the elements are hot – the best pick-me-up when you’re melting in the summer heat! Organic, Natural, and Preservative Free-Skin care: With a more substantial concentrate on brands developing natural products filled with less salt or preservative free formulations, these formulas are likely to decompose quicker.

This can easily become a mating ground for acne bacteria, which can result in body issues such as acne or irritation when applied. TBF’s Current Favorite: Lush Makeup products Mask of Magnaminty. Probiotics (Lactobacillus, Bifidabacterium): Skin care with live probiotic civilizations must be refrigerated to increase the life of the ‘good’ bacterium.

Any products that contain these live probiotic cultures most likely were stored in a refrigerator at the time of purchase – which is also a good indication that they have to stay static in a fridge. To keep this ‘good’ bacteria healthy, we recommend keeping them in their happy ecosystem – a cool fridge.

Facial Tools: Maximise the advantages of your facial rollers and Gua Shas in the refrigerator to help enhance their de-puffing results on your skin, increase the circulation of blood and promote lymphatic drainage. TBF’s Current Favorite: Dove Beauty Rose Quartz Facial Roller and Gua Sha Set. Other Bits and Bobs: The Beauty Fridge can also be home to some other items you may have as yet not known to reap the benefits of a colder environment.

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