Egypt is an amazing country to visit and experience its history and sights. The country’s most famous attractions include the Pyramids and the ancient Nile. But Egypt offers much more than history and tourist attractions. Whether you’re looking for a quick trip or an extended holiday, there are Egypt tours that will fit your needs. It is important to choose the right tour for you. This will ensure that your vacation is enjoyable and memorable. In case you have just about any inquiries relating to where along with the best way to work with Egypt tours, you can e mail us at our web-site.

Memphis Tours offers many Egypt tours. A visit to the Great Pyramids or a cruise on the River Nile are some of please click the following website standard options. You can also stay overnight in a luxury hotel. They also offer custom trips.

Tauck is another tour company specializing in Egypt. Their basic tours are priced from $35 to $90 USD per person. These trips include transportation, accommodation, and a guide from the local area. A two-night, rustic felucca cruise on Nile is also available. Charter flights to Abu Simbel can be arranged for a more luxurious vacation.

Memphis Tours offers tours to Egypt from its headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee since 1955. Their staff is rich in knowledge and experience. You can either book an Egypt tour based in Cairo and Alexandria or take an extended vacation. Many of the tours include stops at the Valley of the Kings, the Egyptian Museum, and the Valley of the Kings.

Friendly Planet is another company that offers Egypt tours at an affordable price. Their comfort and convenience are their hallmarks. All of their trips have the same tour director. Guests who book an Egypt trip with this company will have their visa and passports pre-purchased before they leave. They are free from any hassles.

OAT, a small-group travel agency with a long track record in Egypt, is one of the most popular. The company’s Egypt tours can be enjoyed by all ages. They also try to bring together locals and tourists. Many trips include visits to charities and home-cooked meals.

Another well-received tour company, Globus, focuses on sightseeing. Their Egypt tours are designed to hit the highlights of the country and allow guests to see everything they want. There are two options for guests: a short Nile cruise and a longer trip that takes you to Luxor, the ancient city.

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Uniworld’s Egypt-based tour management team is already established. Their cruises include two nights in Cairo at the end of the trip. There are a number of guides available who can give insight into the history and culture of the region.

Go Tours, however, offers a budget friendly trip that includes hotels as well as a train ride between Cairo and Luxor. Local guides are also available for safety reasons. On the Go Tours offers a different experience than other Egypt tours. However there are some amenities that are included. These include a mat on the ship’s deck and no toilets. If you have any type of inquiries regarding where and how you can use Private tours of Egypt, you can call us at our site.

Choose the right Egypt Tours
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