The United States imports a huge amount of products from other countries. That’s USD 7,300 for every resident of the United States, which has a population around 330million people. The United States is the most important importer of goods around the globe. Import data offers a wealth in information about the needs of world markets. In case you have virtually any questions about where by and tips on how to make use of trade data, you are able to email us at our source own page.


Imports and outgoings can make a huge difference in your business. Knowing which products are being imported by your competitors is crucial to your business’s success. You also need to know how much import duty they are paying. You must know the HS code of each product, Port of Origin and Destination Port and any import duties paid.

Many major ports in the US can assist with your import business. These ports have made the US the world’s largest importing nation. You can find data on these ports by analyzing the bill of lading data.

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You can find US import data in different formats and on different websites. This data comes from the Bill of Lading and Shipping Certificates and records Sea shipments into the United States. This data can be accessed at any time and contains information on every product shipped by Sea to the United States. It also contains the names and addresses of US importers as well as foreign suppliers. It is useful for tracking active US buyers.

The processed data can be used by researchers who require more information. The data can be downloaded in SAS and STATA formats, for the period 1972-2006. For researchers who require more detail or wish to analyze the data using a text editor, the first version is better. The second version is for researchers who wish to analyze SAS data.

Freight rates

Cass Information Systems has released a new report that examines freight rates and US shipments. According to the report, much of the rise in freight rates is due to Asian imports. This year, US imports of Asia were more costly than imports made from Latin America and Europe. This increase is largely due to Asian manufacturing imports.

The data are collected and processed continuously, as documents arrive and are processed. Reports show a snapshot of all shipments that occurred in a given month. The reports also include statistics on year-to-date shipping.

Countries importing goods

USA Import Data allows you to search for trade data about shipments from the United States online. The data is accessible in multiple formats and can easily be accessed from anywhere, anytime. USA Import Data executives are also available to assist with queries. The data is available from 1972 to 2006. It is available in three versions: ASCII (processed), and raw.

The data includes the HS Code as well as other customs-based details. US Import Data includes details about the name, address and weight of each container. In addition, US importers can find a list of active buyers in the United States. When you have any questions concerning where and how you can use us import data, you can call us at our source internet site.

US Import Data
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