Would the most amazing female please come ahead? Elsie Scheel might not be whom you were expecting. Hailing from Brooklyn and weighing 171 pounds, she was five feet seven inches tall, making her a size 12/14 skirts at today’s Banana Republic. Fast forward a few years and you’ll find numerous ads from the 1930s, ’40s, and ’50s promoting weight-gain products for the much-pitied “Girls With ‘Naturally Skinny’ Figures” who, for some reason, couldn’t appear to attract a date.

Yes, you properly read that. It’s incomprehensible to your current ideal of beauty. My first thought while I hear stories like this is, I am a woman created! At some moment with some place ever sold, my body type might have been considered “most almost perfect.” Why couldn’t I have already been born then and there?

But, alas, I am a fifty-something female in the first twenty-first century and the very thought of being nominated as the utmost beautiful female only makes me giggle. Not merely gets the ideal image of beauty morphed through the years and generations, it also changes rapidly or to year, in one fashion season to another. The clothes, makeup products, today and hairstyles that were popular some time ago may be out of style.

The rules of beauty inside our modern culture are transient, fickle, and elusive. I don’t know about you, but I’d like the styles to carry still, even if only for a few moments, thank you very much. For no matter how enough time and money we spend trying to maintain on the latest developments, all of them are soon heading to change really. No matter how hard we make an effort to fit into the current ideal of beauty, we feel like we won’t measure often. But we don’t have to accept our culture’s ever-changing and ever-more-tyrannical definition of beauty.

As women transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ, we can know a typical of beauty that changes and is attainable by us all never. We can be free to enjoy the beauty and style as God always meant. As women transformed by the gospel of Jesus Christ, we can know a standard of beauty that never changes and it is attainable by us all. To do so, we must learn how God identifies beauty.

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  • Dioxane also called 1,4 Dioxane
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What holds true beauty? To find true beauty, we must rewind through centuries of changing fashion to the foundation: the “foundation and fountain” of most that is beautiful.4 The Bible shows us true beauty. It unveils God as the beautiful One. Before the intricacies of changing fashion Long, God existed in perfect beauty. He is the ultimate, unchanging, eternal standard of beauty. He could be the Author, Creator, and Bestower of beauty.

His beauty transcends time and culture. It changes rather than fading never. To be able to know what true beauty is, we must see God. Imagine you could produce a montage of every beautiful thing you have ever seen or wished for. Even so, you have never yet begun to grasp the wonder of God. Why don’t we marvel for an instant at the beauty of God.

God’s beauty is eternal. While earthly beauty fades away, God’s beauty forever is. It always was and it always will be. God’s beauty is outdoors and above styles and time. God’s loveliness sometimes appears in creation, but it is only a dim reflection of his stunning glory. His elegance is indescribable.

God’s power topples countries and flashes of lightning. He rules the oceans and the galaxies and every man’s is held by him center in his hands. No prince or problem is a match for the wonder of God’s power (Job 36:30; Prov. God’s wisdom means that he knows everything, first to last.

True Beauty And Our God
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