Over a three-month period, Ram and her team collected air quality data from environmental detectors near the Dallas hospital. The researchers discovered that as certain quality of air methods worsened, asthma trips to the er went up. Asthma visits also increased as the number of asthma-related tweets went up. The researchers additionally looked at asthma-related Google searches in the region but found that they were not a good predictor for asthma ER visits.

The research highlights the important role that big data, including streams from social media and environmental receptors, could play in addressing health challenges, Ram said. She and her team hope that their results can help them create similar predictive models for er trips related to other persistent conditions, such as diabetes. Ram is co-director of the UA’s INSITE Center for Business Intelligence and Analytics in the Eller College on Management.

The INSITE Center targets predictive analytics through the use of data from a variety of sources, including public media, detectors, mobile applications, and Web-based platforms. Health care-and how various kinds of data may be used to address health-care issues-is a key area of interest for the center. Big data analysis has been used to anticipate the spread of contagious disease already. The Google Flu Trends Web service, for example, estimates when and where flu shall spread predicated on analysis of flu-related Google queries.

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And don’t buy into the BS that it’s not financially feasible. Canada has had a “one person, one fare” rule since 2008, and the airline industry does fine. In the U.S., Southwest Airlines offers a free of charge second (and third) chair to the people who need one, and they are making record profits.

Second, he shouldn’t have been tossed off the airplane so that two slim people could soar. When a person needs two seats, then those two seats should be treated as one seat – which means that they must be kept together. And they ought not to be viewed as an opportunity to seat an additional thin person should one materialize. Read my full piece concerning this here!

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