Amy Adams has starred in some of my favorite movies – she’s this amazing capability to be this siren blended with a ‘girl next door’ appeal. Her look is both feminine classic, sultry, and seductive yet. Amy Adams is such a vintage ‘Warm Spring’ color type – she rocks colors like a warm peach, copper, rust, ginger, gold, and amber.

I find this makeup turn to be very elegant and quite on Amy – I love how her lipstick has just the right around of dark brown and ambiance, while her eye is described and sultry, however, not overdone. I find that Amy is very sensitive and aristocratic in her appearance – she needs the right balance in her makeup or it can quickly morph into an over-done or under-done look. Like a warm spring color type, it’s also very important to her to stay true to her warm, bright colors!

One of my favorite looks for Amy – her locks are deepened just a bit and is a sensational copper-red shade. I love how she’s balanced the look with an identical copper-rust lipstick tone. One again, balance is so key for Amy, as she actually is such a womanly and unique woman. I love when a red-haired woman isn’t afraid to rock a red lip. The key is to find the appropriate red – many warm-toned red-heads look amazing in shades like: brick, copper-russet, orange-reds, and tomato, yellow-toned reds. THese tones harmonize so well with the heat that is so natural for these women!

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For a very glam look, Amy is lucky enough to be able to balance this deep-defined eye with a warm light peach lip-shade. Since Amy has that natural warm cream, and peaches tone warm peach tones are wonderful on her behalf. THe described attention works for a glam look here, but for a day, I think she’d look amazing with this lampshade and shades of golden brownish and sheer yellow metal on her eyes.

A warm golden brown eyeliner would be amazing on Amy, as its a perfect tone to harmonize with her tone! If you have similar coloring to Amy or think you might be a warm spring color type, definitely try a fantastic brown eyeliner in place of dark! In terms of staying true to color harmony and making the best to be a warm spring, this makeup is absolutely stunning! I really like that Amy has chosen a true copper toned lip and complementary blush shade.

Amy rocks these makeup tones! Very few women can honestly pull off copper tones in makeup. For cool-toned women, they look sick with copper toned makeup. For women in the neutral category, copper is too warm, leading to the skin to turn somewhat on the yellow part. Amy Adams is lucky to have that perfect combination of true warm peaches and cream skin and light auburn hair.

On Amy, Copper tones bring her tone alive and she appears elegant, sophisticated, and regal! This is why I think women need to take the time to discover what their best colors are. Color Analysis is not an 80’s thing – its a glance your ultimate most sensible thing, of what decade you are residing in regardless!

I just had to add this picture of Amy because she appears so amazing with this bright orange red lip. One thing that is great about warm springs in comparison to an autumn-type girl, is that spring’s rock and roll the ‘brightness’ scale. Actually, this shiny orange-red is the ideal read for Amy.

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