We thought we were supposed to be the motivating ones? Well wait around until you meet Sarah Williams from Tough Girl Challenges, 100 miles per hour, full of energy and passion for life, she could just be one of the very most motivational and motivating women The Women’s Organization has ever interviewed!

The story starts off fairly great though! She combated this feeling though working In the beginning; she completed the London Marathon five times (YES! Five times!), but still wasn’t feeling the sense of satisfaction inside. And is where the tale gets really interesting here. Sarah begins to make a change after change in her life. Doing more charity work, working with UN Women and Women for ladies International, and it was here she finally found what she was looking for, that personal enjoyment that she was after.

It came from motivating, and uplifting others, women, and girls especially, in challenging situations. Sarah says; ‘It all sort of emerged to a member of the family mind about then, I knew I had desired a change for some time. For the year So after I was 31, I give up my job and went going.’ Sarah headed off to Australia, South America, did a Ski Season for six months in Switzerland, and…Wait for it…Climbed Mount Kilimanjaro!

At this point Sarah realized that she could return home and would be in the position of trying to explain to future employers what she got spent the year doing and how it would impact would the future could hold. ‘I couldn’t convert circular to employers and say; “I’ve had an amazing a year traveling the world” I needed to have done something effective.

So I finished up writing a reserve about climbing Kilimanjaro after writing this publication, she went on to write another one about her time spent as a Chalet Host. And that which was it like? For anyone who has ever done Chalet Hosting, understands as well as Sarah will, that it’s one challenging job! ‘It’s one of the very most challenging careers I’ve ever done possibly.

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You’re up at 7am and you go up to the chalet and prepare breakfast for 10 people before tidying the complete chalet and then prepare afternoon tea. At that true point you are free between 12 and 6, and it’s a selection between sleeping and skiing. Of course, I generally choose to ski! Then you come back and would cook a four-course meal. So when Sarah returned home, what was the next phase on her behalf?

For the girl who has so much under her belt, loves ventures and it is interested in motivating and inspiring, her own business seemed the best option. ‘I’d been considering for a while that I needed to start my own company, well I thought let’s start Tough Girl Challenges, which is basically all of my passions and most of my loves combined. Tough Girl Challenges is a multi-layered business and it is ever expanding as Sarah finds more opportunities to get involved with.

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