I am an enormous enthusiast of Victoria’s Secret! The underwear, girls, the show, the hair, the makeup and the ones amazing wings. As ever this year’s show was magnificent and my favorite angel Adriana Lima appeared as stunning as ever. Week I have already been experimenting with a new locks tool – the InStyler This. I first spotted this styling tool in a commercial and was intrigued by its innovative design, which includes a rotating curling iron and a brush. The InStyler is a multi-useful tool that can both curl, and straighten the locks, as well as adding glow and volume.

The bristles split individual strands as the spinning cylinder straightens and polishes. As the heat is spread consistently along the hair with the revolving motion the InStyler uses less high temperature than traditional tools, which is encouraging as I am concerned about using too much warmth on my locks always! The three heat settings available are 196 °C (for thick, coarse hair), 157 °C (for thin to medium-textured hair) and 140 °C (for fine, thin hair).

To observe how I used the InStyler to produce sexy, soft curls, and sleek, direct hair just to watch the video! I like the thought of the InStyler as it generates beautiful really, soft curls/waves in an innovative way. However, It had been found by me just a little complicated to use initially, especially as you have to be quite careful with the hot cylinder not to burn off your fingers. This tool does come with a heat guard for this purpose, but it was found by me simpler to remove it when curling the hair.

One model’s arm was only as big round the leg of a dining-room seat. The substantial cupcake-like wedding dress that they had on only exacerbated their thinness and the extreme photoshopping. This issue is so much bigger than the current era. Even though you might think it doesn’t affect you (if you’re somebody who thinks that they’re not vulnerable to media messages), it could in the future.

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  • The Theater of War: What ANCIENT GREEK LANGUAGE Tragedies Can Teach Us Today by Bryan Doerries

You should think about how this will have an effect on your kids. Their peers being influenced by these images could make your child much more likely to look up to these images, to go after the appearance possibly. Why are these the type or kind of images that we show women, especially impressionable young children? Why have these things become the norm for America? What makes we, all together, not more concerned with how these images aren’t only affecting women but how men view them? They are questions that need we all should be concerned with answering.

I am someone who loves makeup as much as skincare and I always went crazy whenever I see any new release especially cute product packaging and innovative ideas always capture my eye. The sister brand of Makeup Revolution, Makeup Obsession lately hits the Pakistan’s stores. The makeup obsession is ideal for the folks who love to customize their own palettes and I really love the customize palette they may be super-convenient as well as for your makeup all you have to is a palette. Makeup obsessions have the eyeshadows, blushes, and contours, brow powders, setting up powders, highlighters, strong balms and lipsticks as well.

Makeup Revolution Pakistan contacted me about the new start of their sister brand Makeup Obsession in Pakistan and needed me to test it as well. The very first thing I acquired from the Makeup obsession is the medium-size basic white palette, which is research-white plastic material palette with the makeup obsession holographic logo at the corner. This palette can inside fit 6 pans. You have to simply pop up the single case packaging and press them into the place where they want it to be, All the product pans have the same size so they ties in easily. It is my first banana natural powder but I was surprised that it’s the very smooth and clean in consistency, finely meld.

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