So, are Pilates studios profitable? Pilates studios can be highly profitable when the right type of workout experience is coupled with great value for money, and the studio is located in the right area or neighbourhood. We’ve seen the global rise of boutique fitness centres over the last many years, as increasingly more consumers move away from the original gym scene and gravitate towards workouts that they actually enjoy, such as Pilates studio classes.

10 billion each year with income growing at a rate of 9.2%. Given 19.7% of this revenue was derived specifically from Pilates classes, well, let’s just say there’s a huge opportunity to run an effective business. 16 million Americans regularly participate in Pilates classes. This number has remained consistent over the last few years, highlighting the stability and durability of Pilates as a small business. Pilates studios began nearly 100 years ago and are obviously here to stay. Several variables determine the profitability of a Pilates studio.

The largest of these is who’s operating the business, their knowledge and business experience, and the grade of instructors involved in delivering classes. This, coupled with rental costs and wages, all factor into success. The good thing about running a Pilates studio is that once it’s been built and the Pilates equipment has been purchased (Pilates reformers etc), there are minimal overheads and operating costs, as most studios are purely service-based. This means there is no costly inventory to element in! If the owner of the business is the primary trainer in the business, labour costs are negligible then, further increasing the profitability of the Pilates studio room.

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Great systemisation in a Pilates studio room business is vital. Systemisation can frequently be found by purchasing into a franchise network, as it often takes a long time to learn what works and what doesn’t when it comes to business. If you’ve ever thought about starting a profitable Pilates studio room, consider investing in a Studio Pilates franchise then. With unique territories available, full business systemisation, comprehensive training and marketing plans and resources, a franchise offers a fast-tracked method of profitability and business success.

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Are Pilates Studios Profitable?
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