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Unfortunately this is quite common, and customers need to discern so what can and can’t be trusting when they’re checking out a review of a skincare product. Basically, what skin care scammers do is set up a whole lot of artificial review sites using their products ranked highly. These review sites are manipulated by them – they review and rate their own products.

Innocent customers can stumble across one of these fake review sites, after simply clicking a paid advertising, or occurring a niche site that ranks saturated in the search engines. They think they truly are reading an independent overview of a skin care product, when there’s a big chance they’re actually perusing a review written by the very person who possesses the product.

This goes against FTC polices, because review sites need to demonstrate they are being given a payment with each percentage they receive. Fake review sites do not show this. That is a proven way how it can be advised by you can’t be trusted, but it’s generally hard to recognize by the average customer. The individuals behind these websites are very shady and do all they can to hide what they are doing, however they can give away things sometimes. Often a big hint is the payment processor they’re using – all the review sites that review the same products transfer their traffic to the one payment processor.

For this we reason, we do our best to conduct detailed research around this, and it shall advantage most of us if the FTC can can get on top of this. Another thing to keep an eye out for is whether the skin care site displays a legitimate address from which they can be contacted. If they don’t, then it usually implies they truly are concealing something; and when it comes to their fake review sites, its the connection they have with themselves.

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Sites that employ such methods tend to be US based to allow them to soon be dealt with by the FTC. For the moment, people have to be cautious of the scam sites. It is not unheard for companies to cover made up stories or to retain the services of actors to make themselves look authentic and help it become seem like their product works on real people. It’s hard to call them out on this one just because a lot of your skin worry scams just say anything they need about their product.

Some use a disclaimer to pay themselves, stating in fine print something such as “results shall change between individuals”. But this doesn’t always happening and there are testimonials out there that are incredibly obviously fabricated that you can’t expect those to be anywhere near real. Often another sign that your working with a con is when they put up pictures of men and women along its a disclaimer that says “stock photography”. That is a ploy that tries to get you into thinking that the skin care results with their product can be seen in the younger, glowing and glowing face in the photography.

If you come across a niche site using deceitful strategies such as this, then it’s best to steer clear of them. Additionally, if they do not provide you with and after pics showing the improvements in the person’s face before, then this is also likely a solid hint that the testimonial is made up. We have recently learned another way scammers falsify testimonials also. These are scammers who’ve websites in various languages.

They use the same pics, including before and after pictures, and then just change the name and tweak the story depending on country of their audience. This is not something that you would pick out since you normally don’t check out sites that are in other languages, but we’re needs to look at this more closely now. Sometimes it’s hard to inform whether you’re thinking about a fake testimonial, sometimes it’s obvious. But skin care scammers prefer to use fake testimonies in a convincing way.

Nov 26, 2019
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