On the still left is me 2 1/2 years ago, just before I came across the body positivity, today and on the right is me. You’ll probably spot the most obvious thing I’ve gained between both of these pictures: weight. But there are so many other things I’ve gained as well. I’ve gained mental independence.

I’ve gained self-love. I’ve gained my life back after so a long time of believing that I wasn’t worth living it because of how my body looked. I understand the world desires you to think that the less you weigh the happier you will be. I understand I’m likely to feel ashamed of this change.

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I’m likely to vow to reduce the weight, I’m supposed to spend my life chasing the body on the left and buying into the idea that I’ll be more valuable once I get there. But I’m not going to achieve that. Instead I’ll tell you what I learnt from those wasted years going after washboard abs and dropping numbers on the level: happiness is not just a size. Weight loss does not remedy self-hatred. Mental health issues greater than a dress size will. And we are all so worthy of self-love as we are exactly. It’s time we took a stand and refused to keep hurting ourselves in the quest for a ‘perfect’ body that doesn’t even exist. It’s time for all of us to appreciate that we’re already good enough. It’s time for all of us to consider our power back again.

Exercise also eliminates accumulated toxins from the body. 9. Maintain a dairy where you record your targets, each day and what you eat. Review your week objectively and create a table that shows at a glance what you did right and what you did wrong. This will help keep you on the right course. 10. Celebrate each triumph.

Give yourself a present-day or take yourself out each time you achieve a goal. By eating healthy, you can live a curved and complete life without diseases, reduce stress greatly, look and feel great, be happy from within and without, age group well, produce healthy progeny, and live life to the fullest.

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I’ve Gained Self Love
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