On the fence about using the popular Avada theme for your WordPress site? These real-life Avada illustrations can help you select by allowing the theme sometimes appears by you “out in the wild”, as they say. One thing you’ll notice total these good examples is how multipurpose and flexible Avada is merely, which really is a good explanation for why Avada is the best-selling theme of most right time at Theme Forest! Avada theme examples that I could find. To create this ideal for as many folks as is possible, I’ll try to select Avada illustrations from a variety of niches, including both big and small sites.

I can assure that, at least at the time of submitting this post, all of these websites are using the Avada theme. The quirky comedian Russell Brand uses Avada to power his personal site. It’s got a nice one-page design and runs on the hamburger-style menu even for desktop site visitors. This is cool! Microsoft uses the Avada theme for its Visible Studio room subdomain actually.

This is most likely one of the primary brands using Avada that you’ll find! Very nice that one of the world’s biggest tech companies is using WordPress and this theme. Let’s take things just a little smaller now – Hanna Sales is a English to Russian translator who uses Avada to power her profile site.

This is an extremely creative Avada theme example for a Houston-based food pickup truck. I really like all the strong colors and the cartoony-styling. If you scroll down, you get some great food pictures, plus a neat parallax effect. Ninetail is a great example of how you can use Avada with a vertical menu instead of the standard horizontal menu.

This one looks great and, while it’s in a roundabout way Avada, The logo is enjoyed by me. Give it a look if you would like to employ a vertical menu on your site. Yellow Marine Consultancy is another good example of a brochure site built with Avada. Again, there’s nothing too in love with the design.

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All it does communicate relevant information and appearance pretty good doing it! King Harbor Wealth Management is a wealth management service that uses Avada because of its business site. That one is fairly simple – but it gets the job done. Nomaddict is a travel planning service, as well as you of the best Avada examples. I really like the effect on the headline text (you can’t see this in the screenshot – you have to really go directly to the site to experience it).

And I also love how they’ve integrated the old-timey map into the background. All in all, a cool execution of Avada really! It’s likely you have seen Jack port Whitehall on Netflix’s Travels With MY DAD show. If not, you’ve now seen him on this set of Avada theme examples because Jack uses the theme to power his portfolio site. Like Russell Brand, it runs on the hamburger menu even on the desktop version. Must be a comedian thing, I guess (actually, you’ll understand why in a second).

25+ Avada Examples
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