The mission of the South Carolina Small Business Development Centers is to move forward South Carolina’s financial development by assisting entrepreneurs grow successful businesses. The South Carolina Small Business Development Center (SBDC) operates in partnership and it is partly funded under a Cooperative Agreement with the U.S. Small Business Administration. The support given by the U.S. Small Business Administration through such funding will not constitute an express or implied endorsement of the cosponsor(s) or individuals’ opinions, products, or services. All SBDC programs are nondiscriminatory and available to individuals with disabilities.

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This is a primer on what property managers and owners, working with a Certified Access Specialist, can do to ensure access – and prevent costly fines. 6000, with the higher amount charged if the case goes uncontested. Every year for noncompliance 20 million. Those violations might be for improper striping in a parking lot, or failure to provide sufficient width to a designated special needs van parking space. Even signage for disabled motorists is part of an ADA compliant parking lot. The smartest action for a house owner is to enter into compliance before there is litigation proactively. That is why a certified access specialist, known as a CASp otherwise, should be engaged.

With commercial properties such as flats, condos, retail malls, schools, and hospitals, a certified gain access to specialist works hand-in-hand with local asphalt and paving company. Any top-notch company provides commercial ADA compliance services and has a CASp on their team. The procedure begins with a site inspection, accompanied by a written evaluation report.

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Where updates are required, the CASp shall draw up plans, complete study forms (as required to be provided to building tenants), obtain necessary permits, and oversee building improvements. 15,000 tax deductions for availability expenditures that are capitalized normally. For home owners that lease space, the CASp inspection report needs to be provided to new tenants before the signing of a lease.

This acts as a protection to commercial lessors who might in any other case be at the mercy of ADA violation litigation. While the hiring of a CASp inspector might seem to be an added, regulatory-driven expense, it can help to understand the huge benefits and soul of the law. Some organizations place those numbers even higher. What enterprise wants to refuse people coping with disabilities, or reduce their choices from the labor pool? An inspection and compliance with the rules are smart business.

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