Almost all fitness articles, videos, books, and experts shall tell you how to lose weight, but they hardly ever really let you know how those pounds can be kept by you off forever. This is where an after plan comes in. An after plan is essential in keeping fit since it prevents the vicious routine of the Yo-Yo Effect.

Some books might offer post- weight-loss plans, but I still think that the best after plan is patterned after your own experience. That means you’d have to undergo a lot of experimentation and try out twelve of tricks to know which ones will work for you.

It could be an intimidating task but to reach your goals, never ever lose enthusiasm, and keep your eye fixed on the goal. I am though a lot of experimentation and lastly, I’ve found the best after plan to help me stay fit forever and I’m sharing them here. These concepts were employed by so well for me personally, and I’m sure you’ll find them helpful too.

Studies have shown that people who kept their expectations high are more likely to lose weight and stay fit for life than those with mediocre expectations. People with low expectations tend to give up their fitness trip easily as well. That said, instead of targeting a size 8, why not shoot for a size 6?

  • Keep tabs on how much fatty acids you’re eating daily
  • 2 lemons, peeled and halved
  • Tricep Extension
  • No sleep monitoring

Make it a habit to eat WHOLE food such as whole-wheat, whole-grain, whole-meal, etc. These are fibrous food plus they help be rid of excess calorie consumption and fat. Fiber, aptly called as character’s broom, is not utilized by the body and is excreted by the end of the day along with unwanted toxins, calories, and extra fat.

Fiber wealthy food also helps maintain your tummy trim. Take this test: Eat whole-wheat food for at least three months (no bargain) and discover how much in. You will lose. Staying fit would require some Sun Tzu techniques from your end. Make fitness or dieting plan and STAY WITH IT.

In my case, I’ve made a decision to accept dieting and I vowed to stick to Dr. Dukan’s healthy eating pattern and eat oat bran forever. Life is filled with temptations, and you give in to glucose and grease sometimes. But if a casino game is had by you plan, you’ll be able to bounce back easily and shed what you have gained in the shortest amount of time.

THE WAY I Stay Fit For Life
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