Opposition to pet testing of aesthetic products and elements, as well as an outright ban across the EU, is a significant drivers to the in- vitro screening sector lately. As a result, the industry has seen technological innovations and developments to make it both more useful and affordable. In-vitro toxicology testing is utilized by the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, chemical, food, medical device and diagnostics industries to test the safety (toxicology/toxicity) and efficacy of chemicals, bio-chemicals, materials, vaccines, and preparations.

It offers an effective and ever-improving option to animal testing. In some areas, such as makeup products destined for the EU, it replaces pet screening completely. In others it could be used to lessen the true variety of animals and tests required, or refine procedures to limit animal impacts. In the makeup products industry, in-vitro tests is used to confirm the lack of certain dangerous properties in cosmetic and personal maintenance systems, as well as their substances.

It can be utilized both to check the effectiveness of products and to achieve regulatory authorization. In 2013, the EU Cosmetic Regulation (1223/2009) introduced a ban on animal screening for new cosmetics bought from Europe, and their ingredients. The ban applies to products, or ingredients, which were subject to animal testing outside Europe. In-vitro toxicology screening offers a nonanimal option to the makeup products and personal treatment industry. It allows the effective evaluation of the potential of end products and substances to cause skin (dermal) or attention (ocular) irritation, skin corrosion and other undesirable side results when consumers utilize them. The protection of aesthetic and personal maintenance systems is key for manufacturers, importers, consumers, and retailers.

Nobody desires to hurt people, or be harmed, by rogue elements and products. In-vitro toxicology testing allows you to evaluate a product or ingredients potential to cause dermal/ocular irritation or dermal corrosion when used by a consumer. The main test methods are biochemical and cell-based assays, ex-vivo and in-silico. Cytotoxicity tests evaluate the skin irritation potential on cultured mammalian or human cell lines. Cytotoxicity is the first test to provide reliable insight into the safety of cosmetics.

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With extensive experience in non-animal testing methods, our researchers conduct a broad selection of in-vitro screening services dealing with the pressing issues of pores and skin and eyes irritation, epidermis corrosion, phototoxicity, mutagenicity and cytotoxicity. Using state-of-the-art testing equipment, our labs deliver testing services that comply with international standards, under both GLP and accredited conditions. Our global network of makeup products and personal care experts are structured at laboratories in Europe, Asia, and the Americas, making SGS the perfect partner to help you develop cosmetic and personal care products and bring them to advertise. For further details visit: Makeup products, contact your local SGS representative or get in touch with our global team.

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In-Vitro Testing: Alternative Methods To Assess Toxicology And Efficacy Of Cosmetics
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