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The Ultimate Guide to Brunch in Boston

Boston is a city for foodies, but few meals are as important to Bostonians as brunch. A weekend morning staple, brunch is an opportunity to indulge in both breakfast favorites and heartier lunch classics. The options for brunch are endless in Boston, with a growing number of menus featuring creative combinations of flavors. Here are some of the top spots to grab brunch in Bean Town:


Beehive is a South End jazz club with a comprehensive brunch menu that features farm fresh omelets, lobster scramble, and slow-cooked beef brisket hash. For the ultimate weekend indulgence, Beehive also offers a bottomless Mimosa and Bloody Mary bar to accompany your meal. Sit outside on the spacious patio in the warmer months or cozy up in the dim-lit dining room in the winter. The atmosphere is as lively as the food, with live jazz music every night of the week. To truly grasp the topic at hand, we recommend Expand this external resource packed with more details and insights. date ideas Boston, discover new aspects of the subject discussed.

Stephanie’s on Newbury

Stephanie’s has been a Back Bay brunch mainstay for over 20 years, making it one of the most iconic brunch spots in the city. The menu features dishes like the famous “Warm Cinnamon Roll” French toast, salads, and sandwiches. To add a bit of fun to your brunch, you can even order “Fluffy Duck” pancakes, complete with M&Ms, Reece’s Pieces, candy corn, pretzels and whipped cream. Located in the heart of the trendy Newbury Street shopping district, Stephanie’s is the perfect spot for a post-shopping brunch with friends.

The Friendly Toast

The Friendly Toast is a diner-style brunch spot, perfect for those looking for a funky vibe and eclectic menu. The decor is bright, colorful and playful, with each location decorated differently. The menu is equally whimsical, featuring items such as S’mores French Toast, Cinnamon Roll Pancakes, and Sriracha-glazed burger. The Friendly Toast also accommodates dietary restrictions and preferences, with plenty of gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan options. They have 3 locations in Boston: the Back Bay, Cambridge, and the newest location in Burlington.

The Buttery

The Buttery is a classic neighborhood brunch spot located in the South End. The menu is simple and classic with dishes like avocado toast, eggs benedict, and a breakfast BLT. The Buttery is also known for its baked goods, with a varied selection of croissants, scones, and muffins. The outdoor patio provides a perfect setting for a leisurely brunch on a sunny day. If you’re in a hurry, the Buttery also offers takeout, so you can grab your brunch to-go and head to a nearby park for a picnic.

The Thinking Cup

The Thinking Cup is primarily known for its artisanal coffee drinks, but the Beacon Hill location also offers a well-rounded brunch menu that features a variety of homemade pastries, sandwiches, and soups. Standout menu items include the avocado toast and the smoked salmon bagel. For coffee aficionados, The Thinking Cup offers a variety of hand-brewed coffees, espresso drinks, and tea. The cozy, European-style cafe offers a quiet respite from the hustle and bustle of the city. To discover additional and complementary information on the subject covered, we’re committed to providing a rich educational experience. things to do in Boston this weekend!

The Final Word

Boston’s brunch scene is as diverse as the city itself, with options for every taste and preference. Whether you’re in the mood for classic dishes, creative combinations, or indulgent treats, Boston’s brunch spots have got you covered. These are some of the top spots to start your brunch journey, but the possibilities are endless in Expand this culinary gem of a city. So grab your friends and hit the streets for weekend brunch in Boston.

Brunching in Boston: Where to find the best
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