3,000. If that seems high, you’re probably prepared to hear the long answer (provided by the others of the article), which explains why there’s usually more to the task than you might expect. The problem with pricing a tub or shower project is that replacing a tub or shower is almost never just replacing a tub or shower.

It’s not like swapping out a lifeless dishwasher or a cracked bathroom or even an awful, old sink. In most cases, people aren’t changing a shower or tub since it has failed or broken, but because it’s simply become obsolete or too cruddy over the years, or it’s never quite fit their “dream bath” image. When the tub or shower appears bad enough to warrant replacing, chances are the encompassing wall space and roof could use at least a facelift if not just a complete renovation.

On the inexpensive side, relatively speaking, is a straightforward alternative of a tub or shower and minimal patching of the affected areas. If the new unit is the same size and configuration of the old one, and the prevailing plumbing is in good shape, you may even choose to employ a skilled handyman for the project.

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Keep at heart that most contractors will recommend not scrimping too much on the merchandise, since a lot of the cost is in the labor here. 100 on the cheapest tub or shower you will get if the savings is well under 10% of the total job cost. The next phase through to the renewal range is to displace an old tub or shower with a fiberglass or plastic insert which includes integrated wall sections. 3,000. Inserts offer a fast and simple route to a new bathing area that’s low-maintenance and well waterproofed.

But Nygren finds that when most people are considering a fresh tub or shower, they’re ready for a bigger change, which brings us to another degree of cost. Much of Nygren’s business requires creating custom shower and/or tub spaces along with complete bathroom remodels. Typically, a mid-range project yields clients a new bathing experience of their existing space and room settings totally.

It’s when you increase and move the tub or shower that the price really take a large jump up. According to Nygren, moving a tub or shower alone can truly add 30% to the job cost, “because it’s hardly ever just moving the fixture,” says Nygren. Nygren also offered some interesting insights in to the question of moving fixtures: “A lot of people start out wanting to move things around. As a designer, I speak this over with them, and we look at what they’re attaining really. In the end, unless the project involves moving walls to expand the space, it’s very rare to move the plumbing.

How Much Should It Cost To Replace A Shower Or Tub?
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