410 billion after falling 40% in 2009 2009. An important area of the rebound is because of rising South-South investments, particularly originating in Asia. In many economies, dollar depreciation, improved local conditions, and rising charges for goods and services means that the real price of food has not risen as much as the U.S.

But, the survey cautions that double-digit price increases of key staples in the past few months are pressuring households in countries with an already-existing high burden of poverty and malnutrition. And, if global food prices rise further along with other key goods, do it again of the conditions in 2008 can’t be excluded.

“The South Asia region is projected to post GDP development of 7.9% typically on the 2011-2012 fiscal years, buoyed by radiant growth in India. This compares with estimated growth of 8.7% in fiscal seasons 2010. The region benefited from intense demand stimulus measures, a revival in buyer and consumer sentiment, and a resumption of capital inflows. South Asia’s real GDP growth accelerated to around 8.7 percent in FY2010-11 from 7.0 percent in FY2009-10, buoyed by quite strong development in India, which signifies 80 percent of regional GDP. Excluding India, local GDP development (on a fiscal 12 months basis) firmed, but to a far more humble 5.1 percent from 4.the year before 3 percent. In 2012, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh are anticipated to grow at 8.7%, 3.8%, and 6.3%, respectively.

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  6. The NZD and the AUD were somewhat weaker against the HKD/USD

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