Change what I eat. I am eating the same thing for 6 months. Lose enough weight to trip a bicycle. A lot more than anything, the thing I miss is riding a bicycle. It’s been 11 years since I’ve been able to ride one, and I daily crave it. The more bike riding I am able to do, the more lucrative I will be at off keeping this weight.

I am taking part. I can’t wait around, but I’ve surely got to be ready. Start shopping at thrift stores. Buying new clothes is getting expensive and it is a waste materials of money, considering I’ll only put them on a few months. Crank up the physical fitness. I’ve started weight training exercise, now it’s time to consider it to some other level.

I don’t want to burn out. And finally, I wish to get off the Coumadin. The anti-coagulant (“blood thinner”) medication I take daily has a list of side effects so long as the united states Constitution. It has saved my entire life, but I’m prepared to stop taking it. Hope you can meet a few of your goals for 2011. Year I hope everyone has a happy and healthy New!

I tried to be a bad influence that evening by offering him a cigarette, he accepted, and after a few uncomfortable puffs, he never again handled them. Just how he handled that situation and the appearance on his face, and how he wasn’t sure if we should tell mom, are moments I’ll cherish forever. I needed Shane to experience every one of the things he wished for, even if for only a night time.

  1. 17th over NZ 70-1
  2. Find your preferred exercise
  3. Concentrated fruits juice
  4. Adults over 51 many years of age
  5. Cut Your TV Time
  6. Motiv Ring

I’ll never forget how important he felt when I got him with me to the humor clubs. He provided me a lot love, in his eye I had been perfect, even though I had been far from it, and he wished to be exactly like me. I miss him dearly. Here today If he were, he’d be slimming down right along beside me I guarantee. For my buddy Daniel, I never understood him whatsoever, but being my buddy, I still feel a loss and an emptiness that I really wished to fill. This afternoon I was on the fitness treadmill at the YMCA When Chris called.

I didn’t acknowledge the number, but when I finished my workout I called the quantity back. I put no basic idea who it was from, so when he answered I still didn’t. It had been a real joy to consult with him. Turns out he lives in Southern Oklahoma! So maybe we can get to know one another and have some type or kind of relationship.

What does some of this personal stuff have to do with losing weight? It’s emotional health. I’m handling my physical health issues head on by dropping the weight, and getting my emotional health in good form is really important too. When Personally i think good inside it’s a lot easier to do good externally. I hope I’m making sense here.

Tonight Irene and I planned our Valentine excursion. Well, it didn’t go as planned. We’d some unforeseen company. My buddy and sister in law popped in to visit and remained a significant little while, then they asked us out tonight with them, and since Amber and KL were here they proceeded to go along too.

Goals For 2019
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