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This isn’t something that need to be done without settlement by means of large-expected earnings, and even then the risk would need to be very carefully evaluated. Life insurance coverage salesmen like to discuss the returns on their policies as though they may be guaranteed. They aren’t. Neither are the returns from stocks or bonds but don’t be misled into convinced that whole life insurance results are somehow on a different level.

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The illustrations these salesmen present showing beautiful long-term growth are simply just projections, and rosy ones at that since the ongoing company is trying to sell you. There is plenty of risk that the actual performance will be worse than what’s shown during the sales process. Having said that, there is actually a little guaranteed return on these policies, but this is incredibly misleading even. There are always a true variety of explanations because of this difference, including fees and the real manner in which the interest rate is applied. But the important thing is that you can’t take that “guaranteed return” at face value.

It is extremely deceptive. Run the numbers for yourself and find out if you’re happy with the result. The reality is that you could progress guaranteed returns from a checking account or CD that’s also FDIC insured. The problem is that it requires a long time for the earnings to reach that level.

There will be many years in the beginning of the policy where your return will be negative, and many more years where the comeback will be only somewhat positive. In the event that you stay with it for a long time, you eventually enter a reasonable selection of returns. But if at any true point before that you decide you want to do something different, you will have spent a long time and a lot of money getting very poor earnings. Keep in mind that this is very different from the likelihood of poor returns from bonds and stocks.

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