With this upsurge in value taking care of your Mini is paramount – because it’s greater than a car, it’s an investment! At Mini Mania we aim to help preserve these electric motor cars we love so much. From interior restoration and panels to engines and handling rust we do it all!

Check out more Classic Austin Mini sale prices on the Cars for Sale section of our website! And if you are looking for a fresh or rebuilt engine, check out this special engine offering we have. Your Classic Mini is That – Classic Exactly. But That Was Before the Mini was a Classic Mini. Here is a 1965 Mini Cooper S is “mainly original” acquired in 1977, placed into dry, ventilated storage in 1981 and was recently returned to operating condition. The odometer shows 33k miles and is presumed accurate as it is at storage for most of its life. December 2016 Inn, Fox News announced the breakthrough of a very important and rare Aston Martin.

A rare 1962 Aston Martin DB4 has was rotting away on the Massachusetts property since it was brought there from California by its second owner in the 1970s, relating to Worldwide Auctioneers. Trees grew around it as it resolved into the garden soil and its own engine bay loaded with leaves and weeds over the years.

One of just 1,113 DB4s produced, the four-seat coupe is basically original, save for the new paint and engine job it seems to have picked up prior to its trip east. Its 3.7-liter inline six was rated at 240 hp when new, and the motor car includes a 4-velocity transmission with Laystick Overdrive, disc brakes, and a “knock-off” wire wheels. 2.5 million or more when restored completely.

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JUST HOW MUCH Is Your Classic Mini Really Worth?
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