So, on the color front, the fashion forecast for Spring 2010 is HOT pink, orange, and fun foamy tones of green and blue! With such a vibrant palette for our closets, it would only be fair to give our makeup bags a color punch too! For the lips, I have started rocking MAKE UP FOR EVER’S Lipstick in tone 203 (the second stripe on the arm below) which can be an AWESOME hot red.

I originally got it to wear with an clothing over the holidays however the color appears to be popping up all over the place now! Any fun red shades shall be great with your springtime closet and a pretty way to welcome warmer weather. This is also a terrific way to be considered a Recessionista and discover new colors with your old stuff! Please look back to my post about dark lipstick for a few fool-proof lipstick software tips.

“Ethical and organic can overlap but they are distinctly different. Ethical procedures in the supply chain is about taking a look at it from a human being rights perspective, concentrating on issues such as child labour and legality of hiring procedures around the world. Choosing organically grown products does not necessarily ensure these practices are respected, westerman points out “. But it doesn’t mean that nothing can be done. Some companies – whether large brands or small labs producing makeup products for their clients – are taking steps to inject some transparency and honest practices back to their supply chains. UK-based makeup products merchant Lush has made this important.

“We are working to make our source chains as brief as you possibly can to get transparency and identify the opportunities and the risks. We look to go to producers rather than through vendors where we can directly, and we travel and visit production sites, to start to see the methods that are being implemented firsthand.

It’s a big challenge for everyone on the market, including us, if you are dealing with long supply chains for substance ingredients. But I believe it’s something that’s worth concentrating on,” clarifies Gabbi Loedolff, Senior Ethical Buyer at Lush. Forget teabags and cucumber – turn to the kelp forests of the ocean to take care of your eyes to quick rejuvenation.

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  • 43 Common Ways To BID FAREWELL TO Dry Flaky Skin On Face Naturally
  • Erborian Cleansing Micellar Water
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This innovative under-eye cover up is cut from mineral-rich kombu seaweed, sourced from Japan, by a harvester who takes part in numerous marine conservation tasks and infused with antioxidant-packed green tea to protect and rejuvenate the delicate pores and skin around your eye. In 2014, the company even proceeded to go one step further by deciding to stop using natural mica in its makeup products products. “Initially, a source had been found by us that was able to certify the origin of the mica, with third party verification. But then the specific division that people were dealing with got bought away and the new company was no longer able to offer the same third party verification.

We cannot find a source we could be 100 % sure of, so we made a decision to transition to synthetic mica,” Loedolff explains. This initiated an extended and complex process of dealing with suppliers and existing materials to complement the formulations and also to ensure the end product continued to be the same. Of January this year all Lush cosmetics are manufactured without natural mica As. “Area of the reason that people may not want to work to accomplish more transparency is that when you know where the risks are and you understand a raw material is problematic you have a responsibility to change. As the mica example shows, that’s complicated.

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