One of the hottest styles in education nowadays is the flipped-class model. Teachers would assign instructional videos for students to view for homework, which allows the teacher additional time to focus on other learning activities in the classroom the next day. Some instructors also assign questions for students to answer to demonstrate that the learning student has indeed watched the video.

This is still a teacher-centered classroom, where in fact the questions are driven by the teacher. This is not new pedagogy. It’s simply moving the geographical location of the lesson from the classroom to the home by using technology. Even Jon Bergmann, one of the first pioneers of the flipped-class model, will argue in “The Flipped Class: Myths vs. Reality” that method isn’t just about viewing the video.

So how can you flip the learning to the college student? Rather than the teacher providing the questions as accompaniment to the video, instruct your students how to ask critical thinking questions that will drive the training into their own hands. Assign the video, but also embed it on a platform that allows students to actively discuss the material they watched with one another.

If students are passively viewing the video and simply responding to questions that only the teacher will read, they may be missing out on an opportunity to explore, question, and task their knowledge. They are missing out on a chance to learn from one another. There are numerous web tools and learning management systems that execute a great job of hosting your flipped learning materials. My system of preference is Schoology.

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