Sure, signing up for a fitness center is a positive step toward your health and workout goals, but what now? When you want to cancel a start and membership someplace else? When you move or take up a different fitness regimen, a gym membership at Planet Fitness might not make much sense. After all, Planet Fitness is a great gym for beginners, but serious lifters could find it seriously without heavy-duty equipment. Plant Fitness advertises their no commitment memberships, letting you cancel at any right time.

Unfortunately, many of you have attempted to cancel without success probably. Before you try to cancel your membership even, check to see what type of membership you have. Per month 20, a year they are also locked in for. When you can sign up for a membership online, you can’t cancel online.

The cancellation process is a little more complex when compared to a simple online notification. 1. Call your home club to ask about cancellation policies. Some clubs operate the same, some continuing states have different requirements, so get everything before you begin. 2. Go into your local club to inform them of your intent to cancel.

Most clubs allow you to cancel personally with photo recognition. Go up to the front table Simply, present your ID, and tell them you want to cancel your membership. It might take several days for the cancellation to the process, but that should be all you have to to do.

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3. If you no longer locally live, you’ll need to send your cancellation in by email. Many clubs do not accept cancellation by facsimile, given that they demand a genuine signature. Regular email is insufficient. Of sending a letter out regular mail Instead, you shall need to go into the post office to send the notice via accredited email. 4. Follow up is crucial.

Even with a written notification, it is a good idea to follow-up with Planet Fitness. Cancellation notices are not processed in a timely manner always, which might cause you to be billed for an additional month. Making customers jump through hoops to cancel is in direct opposition to their no-fuss advertising campaign.

One of the big marketing items for Planet Fitness is there no agreement account option. What good will a no dedication option do if you are still billed once you cancel? Many gyms have inconsistent billing consumer and policies complaints by the hundreds. Google any gym plus the expressed word scam, and you will find multiple hits definitely. Avoid paying any more than you should, by learning all the small print when you subscribe.

Remember, the simplest way to cancel your membership is in person. If you forget, it could take weeks or weeks to get everything straightened out. Before you move or sign up for a fresh gym, ensure that your old the first is canceled. Most gyms offer same day subscribe, day cancellation but very few offers same. If you have had an event either way with Planet Fitness or another gym, share it! I’d like to hear your tale and compare it to my poor experience.

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