What’s Good For The Met Is Good For The Country?

What’s Good For The Met Is Good For The Country?

All is currently great at the Met. The Met is a marketing powerhouse. The product has improved, ticket sales are up, subscriptions up are full houses are up and public perception has never been stronger. The Met pioneered this program of broadcasting live operas in the hi-def to theaters around the united states and Europe.

These programs have been a resounding success with almost one million tickets sold for the 2007/2008 season. Approximately as many people saw the Met in theaters as did in the opera house. Mr. Rosen claims that the Met HD broadcasts are a breakeven proposition with revenues approximately covering the incremental expenses nearly.

This can be an astonishing accomplishment, even if it’s a little misleading. This analysis compares only the “incremental” expenditures of the broadcasts. The cost of gaining the opera to begin with is not included. This cost is assumed to be assigned to the live audience. Unfortunately the live audience receipts only cover about half the cost of producing the opera.

If these costs were fully allocated within the theater audience the HD broadcasts would be definately not break even. Several questions come to mind when contemplating the Mets astonishing turnaround within the last 2 seasons. First – is this new model lasting for the Met financially? Second – what does this mean for all of those other classical music industry? Is this new model economically sustainable for the Met?

Simply mentioned – nobody knows. Every year the Met offers a publicly accessible accounting … Read the rest

They Ask, Are You Being Transparent?

Brandemix’s resident expert about them is Creative Director Clarissa Zorr, an award-winning designer with more than 10 years of experience. Her team created a written report that IR Global Rankings named one of the top global annual reviews of 2010. Clarissa is a member of AIGA also, the professional association for design.

Today, we switch the blog over to her to get her thoughts on how to create a convincing and honest annual survey. Not the holiday season, but annual record season. Every year, publicly exchanged companies must present their shareholders with a written report on corporate and business performance. The day varies from condition to convey, but it certainly is around taxes time. Companies start creating the record through the fourth quarter often.

The final cash flow don’t come until the end, and you can’t really design the charts or graphs until they do, making November through April the “crazy season” for people like me. What makes an annual statement successful is transparency. All companies have bad years. How do you keep your investors through the tough times? In the end, people want to get rid of bad stock often. But a financially sound company will have a plan if, say, a drug didn’t get approved or a merger didn’t workout. The shareholders deserve honesty and it’s really the agency’s job to mention that.

Of course, there are ways to be clear while still giving the story a theme or framing information in a certain way. The business wants … Read the rest